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It was a grand celebration of all things Spring: growth, evolution, nature, creation… LIFE! A market to the power of WHOA, with layer upon layer of awesome.

Here’s a taste of the Sprung!ness! Make sure you join us for the next delicious event: Ripe and Juicy, Sunday August 11th.

Pick up your exclusive-to-us food (trucks and chefs are creating special seasonal menus unique to this event!), and wander to the poetry table where you can listen and learn; talk to farmers about what’s sprouting now, and pick up your produce—and things that will produce, as in heirloom vegetable plants! Learn and nosh, check out some vintage gear, ask a gardening expert that pressing question (why do we love Irises but hate dandelions?), visit with artists.

Join our ceremony to honour the new community gardens, park the kids on a blanket and/or with some productive crafts, drink in the scenery—and the newly released 2012 Wildass Rosé!



Food Trucks

4 dirty sandwichesAVella’s Wood Fired Oven — gourmet pizza made with love
The Big Chief — Native-inspired foods
The Dirty South — southern-style goodness
Rudy’s Paletas — natural, fresh, exciting frozen juice bars
The Yellow Pear — farm-to-table from a solar-powered truck


The Joy of Not Cooking — raw and vegan deliciousnessharvest
Karma ChaMEALeon — fresh. natural. local.
Lake Land Meats — BBQed naturally-raised game sausages and sliders
Lovin’ From the Oven — mahi-mahi sliders, beet salad, brownies 
Roux Commercial Kitchen and Commissary —  picnic with a twist
Treadwell Farm to Table Cuisine — smoked whitefish and asparagus

Other Food & Beverage

0f3c5b_3f3f8583f7d129886b7bff9c632fffa1.jpg_srz_360_535_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzBalzac’s Coffee Roasters — fair trade coffee, lemonade, iced tea
Blossom Bakery — gourmet flatbreads featuring fresh, local ingredients
Oast House Brewers — small-batch beer made just up the road
Niagara Nut — walnuts and hazelnuts grown naturally in Niagara
Provisions Food Company — sweet and savoury shortbreads, jellies
Sestres Pastries — gluten-free and organic pastries
Smoothe Operator — fresh, local, seasonal smoothies and juices
Sweetie Pie’s Bakery — fresh baked goods featuring seasonal produce
The Wandering Locavore — local artisanal cheeses, gourmet preserves


A Knot Above — handcrafted treasures310136_462917603794844_1287103848_n
Candy by Katiewhimsical assortments of sweets
DejaVu Design — recycled textiles
Designs by Amber — handmade jewellery and knitwear
Electropura — an eco-friendly, alternative approach to children’s clothing
Garden City Essentials — natural, hand-crafted soap & body care
Hannelore’s Story Workshandbound blank books and more
Harlow’s Bowtique — colourful, whimsical hair accessories


Grey Borders PublishingPop-up poetry festival!


11:30 Urban gleaning (Tiffany Mayer, The Garden of Eating–Niagara)
12:00 How to make mylk from nuts, seeds and more! (Smoothe Operator)
12:30 Creative branding and marketing (Diana Olsen, Balzac’s Coffee Roasters)
1:00   Small batch beer making (Oast House Brewmaster Kevin Somerville)
1:30   How to taste wine (Stratus Vineyards)

2:00   What is LEED certification? (Stratus Vineyards)
2:30   Lacto-fermentation of veggies (Michelle Pohl, The Joy of Not Cooking)
3:00   For trucks’ sake, what’s all the fuss? (Susan Walters-Austin, Roux Commissary)
3:30   The importance of tradition (Josh Dockstator, The Big Chief) 
4:00  What is an heirloom plant, and why does it matter? (Linda Crago, Tree and Twig Farms)


The Cardinals 11:00 to 2:30
 Sound Sound (Joe Lapinski and Jeff Luciani) 2:30  to 6


Words at the Winery—a Niagara Literary Arts Festival special presentation
11:00–11:20: Grey Borders
11:30–11:50: Rusty Blackwood
12:00–12:20: Terri Favro
12:30–12:50: Kate Job
1:00–1:20:     Janet Hepburn
1:30–1:50:     James Millhaven
2:00–2:20:    Jeremy Colangelo
2:30–2:50:    Keith Inman
3:00–3:10:     Brynn Benner
3:10–3:20:     Jamie Gowan
3:20–3:30:    Hailey Lessard
3:30–3:40:     Breton Lalama
3:40–3:50:     Parker Guite
3:50–4:00:     Solitare Cline
4:00–4:20:     Rusty Blackwood
4:30–4:50:     Gord Anderson
5:00–5:20:     Jade Alyssa
5:30–5:50:     Terry Trowbridge

6 Responses to Sprung!

  1. dianne says:

    is there a cost for attending this event, and will there be parking at Stratus?

    • Hi, Dianne! Entry is free, as is parking—at Stratus, as well as at their neighbours Oast House Brewers and Trinity Lutheran Church (between Stratus and Oast). We hope to see you at Sprung!

  2. Beth Bartley says:

    Wonderful event, we are sorry to miss it this year. Think I have a theme song already written that might suit this event. It’s called Back to the Garden.

  3. Great event!!!! I am really impressed. Good job!

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